Financial & Organisational Support

We know how ambitious students can be and we're here to help them. We can provide financial support to students or organisations, for projects such as social and professional events for students, or any other type of activities that improve the overall study environment.
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Social Activities

During discussions between students at ITU it was identified that there was a lack of social and cultural activities that would connect students from different programmes and cultural backgrounds within ITU.

Therefore, SAF seeks to improve the social and cultural atmosphere at ITU. This is achieved through funding a number of events and activities that support the creation and strengthening of social connections within ITU. We are highly interested in platforms to encourage and support student-driven social initiatives.

We expect that the social activities we fund are aimed at all students at ITU and we hope that the initiative’s goal is to involve and benefit as many students as possible.

Please remember that SAF projects should be:

  • Student-­driven activities: You must be an active student enrolled at ITU
  • Based on volunteering: You must gather and manage the volunteers for the project yourself
  • Adding value to ITU student environment: Activities that can improve the image of ITU and it’s students
  • Targeted at all ITU students: Any student from ITU can benefit from this activity

Professional Events

As SAF is granted the right to manage ITU`s sponsoring to student initiatives and since we are all a part of the IT University, it is of high significance to contribute to educational, informative and inspiring events and activities that help students develop their professional skills.

Teaching/Learning how to become better in design, become a better enterpreneur or software expert through high quality workshops is something SAF is continuously seeking to contribute to. We want to help students meet the other like-minded students who want to work on real life problems and build solutions or collaborate on projects.

Therefore, we fund events and workshops that provide access to new knowledge and teach how to develop certain ideas. Professional initiatives that we are highly interested in contributing to:

    • Educational events
    • Workshops
    • Conferences
    • Hackathons
    • Student-driven sessions
    • Seminars
    • Team building events
    • Networking events
    • Trade fairs

We have supported the activities of the following organisations



CONNECT is a student-run organisation with the purpose of hosting events based around socialising, games and movies for the students at the IT University of Copenhagen.


ITU Lan is a bi-annual gaming event at the IT University. Hosted by ITU LAN Organizers and held in the spring and fall of each year.

ITU Innovators

ITU Innovators is a student driven initiative for entrepreneurs & innovators at ITU, working together to create a better environment to inspire, connect and share skills to become better entrepreneurs. They organise conferences, workshops and are running a student incubator for startups in ITU.


Modem is a student driven organisation that hosts radio, makes podcasts and covers live events in and around the IT-University of Copenhagen.


CampusCup strives to connect students from both ITU and KUA through a beer regatta in Emil Holms Kanal. Each year students from both universities gather by the canal in celebration of the flourishing student life and to compete in the battle of the canal.

... and every student at ITU

Every student at ITU is welcome to apply for funding and his/hers application will be considered as equal to any other application.

Fund Donors

Every year the Student Activity Fund is supported by the IT University of Copenhagen, together with other organisations and unions. We would not be able to function properly without their support, and we are grateful for the support of the student activities.

Contribute to the fund

If you want to contribute to the fund and help students improve life at ITU, please get in touch with our organisation’s treasurer and the head of SAF by emailing: