Dear students,

Student Council would highly appreciate your input since it is directly related to our goal of improving student life at ITU.

Your contributions to the evaluation The IT University strives for top quality in education. Therefore, we ask that you evaluate the courses you are registered on this semester. Your contributions take the form of scores and comments concerning the IT University overall, concerning the courses you are registered on and concerning the teachers of those courses. On courses where there are tutors, you are only supposed to evaluate those tutors you know, of course.

Who will be able to read your contributions? Your contributions concerning the IT University overall and concerning the courses, you are registered on, are subsequently published on the Internet. Your contributions concerning teachers will only be visible to the teachers themselves, the Board of Studies and the Management.

Anonymity You choose whether your name is to appear with your comments, or whether you want to be anonymous. You make your choice at the end of the evaluation.

Ethics The evaluation relies on open sharing of scores and comments, positive as well as critical. For this openness to work in practice, we ask that you express your comments constructively. Avoid offensive or hurtful language.

How long time does it take? Do not spend more than ten minutes for each course, including the evaluation of the teachers on that course. You can skip questions. Moreover, you can pause half-way and later resume from where you got to.