Each semester the IT University conducts a student evaluation of the courses taught at the IT University and the IT University in general.

You can read more about the way course evaluation at ITU is managed here

The evaluation is based on dialogue and takes place by means of a web-based questionnaire system. This year 380 students have filled in the questionnaire and shared their thoughts about various individual courses and the university on itself. Teachers have responded to the evaluation as well, and their answers follow directly from the evaluation result on each course.

Overall comments concerning the IT University of Copenhagen have shown that the average score of 5.40/6.00 was achieved. Good communication between the students, group-based learning, project facilities, accessibility and other criteria were mentioned as good things about ITU. Poor quality of some courses, food/canteen policy, promotion not matching the study program and others were claimed as things that could be improved.

We want you to be aware that the evaluation results are discussed and analyzed in the different study program groups etc. and form an important part of the ongoing goals for quality improvement. This is where we, the Student Council, come into play to make sure that the students’ opinions are heard and being worked upon.

You can see and analyze the course evaluation results yourself here (required log-in).

We once again thank the IT University of Copenhagen for taking students’ opinions and ideas into consideration and working on them in order to improve life at ITU.