This student council meeting is set on 2018-05-18 14:00 – 15:00

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Hey all!

We know it’s the exam period, but we’d really love to squeeze in a short Council meeting – the purpose is updates on how it’s going in your departments, how are the meetings going and see if there’s anything we can support you with.

Now, we know you’re busy – but we’re only asking for an hour of your time, we give food, nice atmosphere and drinks. Doesn’t that sound like a good break from studying 😀 ?

If you know you can’t be there, please send your update in advance to office@studentcouncil.dk (but please come, there will be food duh). 
See you there!


1. Welcome, grabbing food and getting comfy
2. Round of updates
3. Presentation of the Council’s ITU merchandise project with Marius
4. Anything else