Student Council X Facility Management

Your suggestions from the Info breakfast with Facility Management have been processed. A lot of suggestions, wishes, and improvements were highlighted and have now been processed. 

Some of the most common suggestions were of cause better Wi-Fi reception throughout campus, whilst FM is not directly involved in this it has been sent to the appropriate people, other popular points are grouped together below into some action points

More and better group study rooms

FM is planning to split two current rooms in half creating two additional rooms, them being equipped with new screens. and equipment Additionally, it is still possible to borrow external screens from the information desk and FM is looking at having adapters available to borrow from the information desk as well.

Better Climate control

A new air-curtain/draft stop has been installed in the side entrance beside the canteen, but with the openness of the building combined with the number of entrances and exits, it is nearly impossible to eliminate a draft. 


There are plans to remove the last of the ceiling-mounted powerstrips and replace them with table-mounted powerstrips. If you experience a problem with the power sockets in the table, please send FM an email at [email protected]  and they will fix it as fast as possible. 

If you have more suggestions, grab hold of us in Student Council or suggest it directly to FM.