Election at the IT University

Make your influence count at your univeristy!!


Every year representatives among students and staff are elected for the collegiate bodies at the IT University such as the Board of Directors, the Board of Studies ITU and the Subject Area Teams. Bodies, which make sure that everybody at the university are heard – both students and staff. This year, election is called for the following collegiate bodies:

  • Board of Directors (1 seat)
  • Academic Board (2 seats)
  • PhD Board (4 seats)
  • Board of Studies ITU (1 seat)
  • Subject Area Team for Games (2 seats)
  • Subject Area Team for Digital Design (3 seats)
  • Subject Area Team for Computer Science (4 seats)
  • Subject Area Team for Business (3 seats)

You can read more about the different collegiate bodies here.

Important Dates

  • 23rd of October – Info Breakfast to keep you updated and guide you through the process of election.
  • 4th of November to the 8th of November – Join us in the Atrium every morning from 10 to 14, have a cosy time with our representatives discussing the importance of the election and get some water and cake!
  • 12th of November – Deadline for signing up your candidacy
  • 20th of November – Info Breakfast to keep you updated and guide you through the process of election with specific focus on the voting.
  • 27th and 28th of November – Make sure to mark these ones on your calendar as this is where the election is held as a polling place ballot with polling tables, which will be set up in Atrium 10:00 – 14:00. It is a place where you can make your vote count!

Who can run and vote?

Anyone who is currently enrolled at the IT University of Copenhagen, has a valid student ID and wants to have a say in decision making.

More specifics, regulations, dates, circulars and contacts can be found under ITU’s Intranet.