Student Council

General Assembly

Thursday 29 February 16:30 | 3A20

🗳️ Come join us for the next General Assembly! We have several positions up for election, and we will be voting on some heavily revised bylaws that better reflect the current Student Council. They will be presented here around two weeks before the actual meeting, to allow ample time to read them through.

The meeting will take place in 3A20.

If you have any amendment changes or want to run, please write [email protected].


  • Picking moderator, minute taker, and two vote counters for the meeting
  • Annual report from the president
  • Presentation of the budget by the treasurer
  • Debate and vote on proposed changes to bylaws
  • Elections
  • Any other business.


Running for President
Viktor Shamal

Running as a complete board (in case of bylaw changes)
Viktor Shamal Andersen
Clara Walther Jansen
Ida Engell Kold
Sofie Amalie Spies
Cecilie Aggerholm

Submitted Amendments 

The current board is proposing to replace our entire current bylaws with a rewritten version that is easier to read and better reflects how the modern Student Council works.

We propose that the new document is voted on in its entirety. However, should it fail to pass, we propose it should be divided into its paragraphs, and voted on individually.

Budget Amendment
Amendment to the revised set of bylaws specifying that the budget proposal should be made public a month before being sent to ITU.

Election rules + more
Amendments to the revised set of bylaws, specifying more transparency, budget approval and the old election rules. Note that the 7 days notice still applies for the election should this amendment pass.