Lille Kat

Lille Kat joins D-Pop

Friday 19 April 16:00

Location: AtriumĀ 

Do you like solving problems together with others? Then come to D-Pop 2024 and have a go at the numerous problems and see if you can solve them all.
Come alone or grab some friends. Everybody is welcome - whether they go to ITU or not.
There will be popcorn, coffee and other snacks for the hard-working programmers.

D-Pop is a 2-hour long coding event where there will be something for newcomers or more experienced programmers. So whether you just started programming or have been for years, you will have fun.Ā 
If you should have some problems we'll also be there to help you along the way.

No sign-up is required, but participants have to have an account on the platform Kattis (to send in solutions) and to have at least one computer per team.