Student Influence

Your fellow students are representing your voice in various groups and committees in the university. Here you can see who they are and what are they currently working on.

In the Subject Area Teams you will participate in developing your own education. You will be participating in developing courses, specializations and on the whole participate in ensuring coherence in the education. You might also get the possibility to be part of a appeals board, who handles complaints about examinations. 

  • The Subject Area Team for Business
  • The Subject Area Team for Digital Communication
  • The Subject Area Team for Computer Sciences
  • The Subject Area Team for Games


The Study Board is set up to ensure the students´ influence on education and teaching. The Study Board must ensure planning, completion and development of education and teaching at ITU.  The Study Board ITU is composed of 8 members appointed by the subject area teams and 2 members elected directly for the Board of Studies ITU.

As a member of the Board of Studies you will be participating in: 

  • Working out suggestions for new curricula
  • Approving plans for organization of teaching and tests
  • Making statements and discuss issues on education and teaching, which the Vice Chancellor, or a person authorized by the Vice Chancellor, presents.


The Academic Board makes statements to the vice chancellor concerning the internal allocation of funds and strategic science- and educational areas and plans for the knowledge sharing. It is also the Academic Board who gives out PhD- and doctor´s degrees. The Board can make statements on all academic issues of great concern for the activities at ITU and must discuss all issues presented by the vice chancellor.

The Board of Directors is the highest authority of the IT University. The Board of Directors is composed of 1 chairman and 8 members. The Board of Directors represents the interests of the university as an educational and scientific institution and establishes the guidelines for the organization, the long-range-activities and the development of the university.

  • As a member of the Board you will participate in making decisions concerning:
  • Finances and budgets for the ITU
  • The strategy for the long-range-activities at ITU

How can we help?

Submit issues or suggestions below, they will be discussed at the next Student Council Meeting!

Infrastructure Group

In the Infrastructure Group, the students are represented by a volunteer who discusses issues and presents additional projects from volunteers to assure the best utilisation of ITU’s facilities and also ensure a good working environment.

IT Group

IT related issues and proposals are discussed by one or more volunteers, together with the head of the IT Dept., Henrik Ejby Bidstrup, who decide when to meet and what projects could provide significant value creation for ITU.


Library Committee

The committee consists of three ITU academic representatives, a library representative & a student representative, who discuss subjects such as the library facilities, borrowing rules, digital content, the book variety and more.

eatIT Committee

The committee consists of different department representatives and students. They meets to discuss matters regarding the canteen, based on student and take actions to improve their services and the canteen atmosphere.