All payments conducted through our website ( must be executed via credit card. It is not yet possible to use any other for webshop payments.

When you complete a payment, the amount will only only be reserved on your account. The payment will first be withdrawn from your account after you have received your product.



We will receive your orders at our office (4A10) at ITU. You are therefore welcome to pick up order directly from 4A10. If you wish, we can also leave it at the reception desk for you.



All communications from us to you are restricted to email (via, face to face communication, or other channels if agreed.


There is a 2 year warranty on all hoodies. This means that if there is a fabrication issue with your hoodie, you can get a new one from us.

Return and exchange or refund

It is possible to return and exchange or refund an order if:

  • The order is returned to the office (4A10) within 14 days from delivery time (when you got the item from us).
  • The order is in perfect conditions.
  • What you wish in exchange is in our current inventory orĀ you wish for a refund.