Application process

If you’d like to apply for funds, follow these 5 steps

Step 1: Make sure your project fits the requirements

Does it benefit students at ITU? This can be in terms of learning or professional benefits, but it can also be something social and fun (You have most likely heard of great events arranged by GATEWAY and PlayIT). It does however have to be accessible and open to all students at ITU. Meaning that you cannot make an event exclusive for your own social group. (Applying on behalf of an organisation? SAF is willing to contribute to the motivation and engagement of your volunteers.)


Step 2: Fill out the application

This includes information such as: who is sending the application (contact information of the applicant), a description of what the money will be used for and why is it relevant, and an estimate of how the money will be used. The application is submitted on this page. Have you already filled in these details and applied on behalf of an organisation before? You can find a special template that is made for you on this page.


Step 3: Await the reviewing process

The application will be reviewed by the SAF committee as soon as possible. This can take 3-8 business days depending on the amount you are asking for. You will receive the answer from the head of SAF over email. The SAF committee might ask you to adjust the application in order for them to review it again. The Head of SAF will make sure to help you out throughout the step.


Step 4: If your request is approved

You will receive the money on the account listed in the application and can now start spending money on the event. IMPORTANT:

  1. Remember to mention that you’re sponsored by SAF when promoting your event. You can find all the promotional material here.  
  2. Collect every receipt as it will be relevant at the next step. The head of SAF strongly encourages you to document everything on the go and not to wait for the last minute of the application period. You are welcome to contact us regarding the documentation procedure.
  3. Take pictures of the event/project/activity. Not only SAF committee wants to see the end result, but it might as well provide you with great and fun promotional material.


Step 5: After you are done: Send a report

After the activity has ended and you have filled in this report-template for how you spent the money and a brief conclusion including receipts merged in one PDF document. If you have any surplus/remaining funds, it has to be transferred back to SAF as soon as possible. Below is the information regarding the account number you should transfer the money to:

Konto 11993478
Registration number 9570
IBAN kontonummer DK8530000011993478


In case you have any questions, the head of SAF can guide you throughout the reporting procedure:

Send an application

Please fill in and attach the required application form in PDF format.

Student applicant: Download here

Student organisations: Download here

By submitting your application you agree with SAF Guidelines (therefore we kindly ask you to read it carefully in advance). Please note that it takes some time for the committee to review your application and therefore, we kindly ask you to apply in advance.