Are you a student organisation in need of funding?

Maybe we can help you out

Supporting other student organisations

The Student Council intends to support student organisations, both established ones and also help kickstart other new initiatives that show interest from the student body.

We have seen many cases where students need guidance to start a new club or initiative. There are situations where the complexity of registering an organisation, imposing bylaws and managing a stand-alone organisation is too much work for smaller groups of students, who are looking more towards starting a “chess club” or a “climbing club”.

These smaller initiatives don’t require all the leg work of running a stand-alone organisation, and are easier to manage. The banking services are covered by the Student Council. In addition to this,  we can help your new “club” with:

  • advice with the establishment of a registered organisation (NGO)
  • provide you with a basic template of bylaws for your members
  • financial support and accounting services under our own bank account (the SAF Fund)
  • guidance for further funding support
  • access to the Student Council, together with other representatives of student organisations

Please remember that SAF projects should be:

  • Student-­driven activities: You must be an active student enrolled at ITU
  • Based on volunteering: You must gather and manage the volunteers for the project yourself
  • Adds value to ITU student environment: Activities that can improve the image of ITU and it’s students
  • Targeted at all ITU students: Any student from ITU can benefit from this activity

Budget allocation

Budget Granted for 2017: 200.000,00 DKK

Budget for Spring Semester 2017: 100.000,00 DKK

Budget for Fall Semester 2017: 100.000,00 DKK


Figure above. Overview of SAF fund allocation in 2015 and 2016

We sponsor various events and various activities that aim to improve the study environment and which can benefit ITU students. Below you are able to see the activities and organisations that have arranged various events, projects and other initiatives. We hope this will inspire you to apply for funding and provide a better overview of the activities we have sponsored so far.

Fund Donors & Supporting organisations

Every year the Student Activity Fund is supported by the IT University of Copenhagen, together with other organisations and unions such as Analog and Scroll Bar. We would not be able to function properly without their support, and we are grateful for the support of the student activities.

  • Scrollbar’s yearly support: 20.000 DKK
  • Analog’s yearly support: 10.000 DKK

Contribute to the fund

If you want to contribute to the fund and help students improve life at ITU, please get in touch with our organisation’s treasurer and the head of SAF by emailing: