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Viktor Shamal Andersen
Yasmin Sarkhosh
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Clara Walther Jansen
My name is Clara, and I am a student at the IT University of Copenhagen pursuing a bachelor's degree in software development. I have a chronic illness, therefore I attend school part-time and receive SPS (Special Educational Support). In collaboration with the Student Council, I now have the opportunity to use my own hard-earned experience to advise other students, who might be physically, cognitively and/or mentally challenged. I hope that being available to assist with requesting exemptions or to offer advice on how to manage studying while having impairments will help to lighten some of the burden at ITU. Everyone is welcome and the door is always open for a chat - and of course, it also follows that I have a duty of confidentiality, which means that everything mentioned in conversation or by e-mail stays between us. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Ida Engell Kold
Board Member
I currently study Global Business Informatics on my 3rd semester. I have been a member of the Student Council since May 2023. I am currently working on multiple projects within the Student Council. I am also an official member of the Sexual Harassment Committee which you can read more about on the ITU Student Website. You can contact me about anything if you felt unsafe in an ITU setting or if someone crossed your boundary, for an informal conversations about what can be done of the matter or if you just wish to discuss what happened. Feel free to also contact me about anything else Student Council related on [email protected]
Cecilie Aggerholm
Sofie Amalie Spies

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