Node is the one and only student choir! We are always happy to welcome new members; no auditions, no need for prior experience and no commitment. Just show up at our rehearsal and see if it's something for you. We practice every Tuesday from 6-8 pm in AUD2, (but be sure to check our discord for changes - just in case). We make sure to provide snacks, tea and coffee. 

We have four voice groups - bass, tenor, alto and soprano. Each part may not sound like much on its own, but when we all sing, it fits together beautifully. There's nothing quite like it - you truly feel like you're a part of something greater. It's a must-try experience!

We have instruments available (drums, bass, guitar and piano) and are open to choir members accompanying some of the songs if they are able.

We have two concerts per semester, our Music Night event in Analog with a chill, open mic vibe, and a more formal spring/winter concert later in the semester. We also have a Node-members only social event, where we book a private karaoke room and eat some burgers (dietary restrictions can be accomodated). 

If you want to reach out to us, feel free to send us a mail at [email protected] or join the choir discord server