Apply for Funding

The Activity Fund is here to help ITU students make their projects come true. If you have an idea for an event, a project or any other initiative that would benefit the students at ITU, you can apply for the funding by filling out this application.

The criteria for funding is that the event is open to every student at ITU and has a social or educational value for the students.

If your application is approved we will also assist you with logging expenses easily and quickly through the Spendesk website.

If you'd like meet with us and let us guide you through the process, you can book a meeting here

Who reviews the applications?

The funding committee which consists of the Chair's from Student Council, Analog and Scrollbar and the Treasurer of Student Council.

How much is in the fund?

300.000 kr. a year. 
So approximately 150.000 kr for each semester.